Bartercard and the Master Licensees enter into a mutual benefiting business relationship and as such Bartercard has a vested interest to ensure all Master Licensees continue to grow and prosper.

The Bartercard licensee will have access to a team of highly qualified and very experienced professionals to help guide and coach the licensee’s team at each stage of their businesses growth cycle.

These professionals expertise and experience cover all the required disciplines including; New member acquisition; Trade development; Franchising sales and support; Administration systems and management; Finance management and reporting; Information technology; Training and General management.

The continual support is not only through experienced professionals but also the Licensee’s staff will have access to Bartercard’s proprietary online Global University – Knowledgenet, a centralized online training, testing and manuals repository specifically designed for Bartercard staff.

A Bartercard licensee receives the industry’s best tools, training and support to achieve success…