Stuck on something? This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If we still have not answered your question or for more information, please feel free to contact us today.

What is Bartercard and what role does it play?

Bartercard guarantees its client new business (new sales), and acts as a 3rd party record keeper to facilitate and account for these transactions.

What is Barter?

Barter enables businesses to buy and sell their unsold goods and services. Barter is simply defined as the exchange of goods and services (it is not haggling for prices).

Why Barter?

When you barter your goods/services for the goods/services you need, you are creating a sale and effectively buying at your own cost of goods. To put it simply, if a business owner had a choice to pay for an expense of €1,000, he is much better off providing a gift voucher from his business than paying €1,000 cash, because a profit margin is built into the gift voucher.

What businesses does Bartercard work for?

Bartercard can work for any business that has the capacity to take on additional business. There are many case studies and trading tips available for members to study, to see how Bartercard can work for them.

What type of businesses use Bartercard?

Tens of thousands of businesses use Bartercard all around the world, including almost every business category you could think of… and many more. Bartercard welcomes all industries and all businesses. Check out our Members Directory to understand what businesses are in Bartercard.

What can I sell through Bartercard?

You can sell almost anything through Bartercard, including selling something from home.

How can I use Bartercard?

You will have an Account Manager (Trade Coordinator) based local to you, whose role is to assist you to sell and buy throughout the network. They are skilled & experienced to apply the relevant tools at your disposal, to ensure you maximise the benefits of using Bartercard.

How does a transaction work?

A Bartercard transaction is similar to a credit/debit card transaction.
There are several Point of Sale tools available to process transactions, including the back-office of our website (which is a bit like online banking), smartphone apps as well as traditional methods. Bartercard’s website provides you with real-time statements so you can reconcile all transactions.

Can I use Bartercard for personal purchases?

Yes, and many of our clients do for holidays, restaurants, car maintenance, weekend breaks and holidays (UK and abroad), sports tickets, gifts, charity donations, spa & hairdressers, opticians, gym, golf etc.

Can I limit the amount of trading I do?

Yes of course, it’s your business and you are in total control.

What if none of my suppliers are using Bartercard?

Your Account Manager (Trade Coordinator) will help you to source products and services you require and many new businesses are getting involved daily. Many of our new clients have got involved by referral from an existing client, or have been approached by us to supply our clients purchasing requirements.

Can I charge part cash and part barter?

Bartercard is a 100% trading system exchange. Every client agrees to buy and sell at 100% full barter. There are practical exceptions to this rule such as property purchases, or €100,000+ capital equipment purchase with a minimum 20% barter component.

Can I trade overseas?

Yes, Bartercard has offices in 9 countries, and clients in many more. We have clients who have now established selling and buying markets internationally.
International travel and holidays are very popular as our clients pay for their trip with goods and services rather than cash, saving €100s and even €1,000s.

Do you have business networking functions?

Yes, Bartercard hosts local and national networking functions every month and regional Trade Shows. Our clients are encouraged to participate in these functions in order to meet other business owners and promote their own company. It is a great way to build up your business contact base.

What is a Trade Euro?

A Trade Euro – T€, is the trading currency Bartercard clients use to transact with. One Trade Euro (T€1) is equivalent to one Euro (EUR€1).

What is the tax treatment for barter transactions?

Barter transactions are accounted for in exactly the same way as your cash transaction, therefore you claim Tax back on purchases, just as you do now.