Bartercard will supply a hosted desk top solution that is located in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This simply means the licensee’s users can access the Bartercard suite of applications by simply logging on to a PC.

As a Microsoft Partner with a service provider licencing agreement, Bartercard can build the necessary virtual infrastructure within a remote datacentre to create a desktop hosting service to implement a set of isolated tenant environments, consisting of virtual machines all communicating over an isolated virtual network.

  • Hosted on secure dedicated virtual private servers
  • Fully maintained and reactive monitoring 24/7
  • Improved business continuity as servers are backed up to a second datacentre, and High Availability (HA) if the primary physical server fails unexpectedly, your service is relaunched on an alternative physical server within minutes
  • Managed firewall
  • Reduced capital outlay on expensive server and networking hardware
  • Reduced cost of supporting your own IT hardware. eg.Wages, power,  cooling, networking, backup and providing a secure environment

Bartercard’s sophisticated software is a fully integrated multi-user solution that is unique to Bartercard. It is the culmination of 25 years intensive research and development. The menu driven software offers the users ease of use, true reporting flexibility and I.D. specific, multi-leveled security access to sensitive data.

The Bartercard suite of applications include the following:


A Bartercard licensee receives the industry’s best tools, training and support to achieve success…